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Quilting & Machine Services 


All Longarm quilts are quilted on our Gammill quilting machine. We can set up any design you like using the Gammill computer designs or we can quilt custom with “Pattys Choice”. We use 80/20 polyester/cotton or a nice 100% cotton. 


         Step #1 – Reviewing Your Quilt
                • Come by the shop and drop off your quilt. We always love examining the blocks and colors of the wonderful work you have put into                      your quilt

                • Mail it to us. We understand not everyone is able to come by, so you are welcome to mail it and we can work with you over the                              phone on what you would like.

         Step #2 – Quilting Form Filled Out
                • Fill out form when you come in and drop off quilt

                • Call ahead of time and we will fill out form with you over the phone During this time we will discuss designs, colors, backing, (if                              needed) and binding colors.

                We are usually two quilts out on the quilting. We can do rush jobs or you can provide a date you need the quilt completed.

                Our price for quilting is 2.5 for an allover design. The price does go up for specialty design, but we can always give you a quote
                to discuss the options for custom quilting, as in several different designs.

         Best way to find out what your quilt might cost would be: QUILT LENGTH X QUILT WIDTH X 2.5 = $ cost of your quilting

         We have a minimum charge of $50.00

               • Binding – it is 12.5 and we bind the quilt on the machine. You can bring extra fabric for your binding or use your left over                                       backing for the binding.

               • Labels - $25 and are embroidered by Carol DeConcini. Carol does an amazing job and we believe that labeling your quilt is                                   very important.

               The backing is to be a good 3” larger than the quilt top. This allows room to clamp your quilt on the frame to give a tight hold so we
               do not have any pleats on the back.

               We have a nice selection of 108” backing: Click Here to look through them. 


One of our favorite privileges is creating memory quilts. They can be created from t-shirts, clothes of a loved one, memory items, jerseys, uniforms, unfinished squares, tops for quilts started by a loved one, etc.

Our prices are reasonable but vary so we give individual quotes for each project.


Every T-shirt is a memory; therefore, we go through each t-shirt and label it front, back, or logo only. We discuss design and you chose the colors for the sashing. The sashing is the fabric between the t-shirt blocks, the border fabric, and the backing.

                                       We charge per block because it gives an easier quote. It is $24.00 a block and that includes:

                                                              • Cutting the shirts apart
                                                              • Prepping the shirts with interfacing
                                                              • Creating a design for the quilt
                                                              • Sewing the blocks, sashing, borders together to create a beautiful quilt
                                                              • Quilting on the long-arm
                                                              • Binding
                                                              • Of course, all fabric is included in the cost
                                                              • Small logos are appliqued in the borders or blank spots in the shirts at no extra charge
                                                              • Two shirts can be sewn together to make one block, no additional charge



We sharpen scissors, repair and clean sewing machines. Call ahead and reserve your spot for faster service.

                                You can bring in your machine for:

                                              • Adjusting tensions.
                                              • Threading our serger

                               The charges for these services are as follows:
                                              • Sewing Machine Service: $79.95 includes oiling all moving parts, cleaning of machine, timing adjustment if                                                             needed, tension adjustment if needed, new needle.

                                              • Sergers: $99.99 includes oiling all moving parts, adjustment of timing if needed, adjustment of tension,
                                                cleaning of machine, retreading, new needles.

                                              • Bench Fee: $30.00

                                              • Long Arm Service: $125.00/hour. Includes oiling, tension adjustment, timing adjustment, new needle.

                                              • House Calls: $79.95 for Sewing machines in Lubbock and small surrounding area. Prices will be different
                                                for other machines. Mileage will start for anything outside of Lubbock County.

                                              • Mileage: $.60 A mile for anything outside Lubbock County

                                              • Belt Replacement and Gear Replacement: $30.00/hour on top of the $79.95 Machine Fee.

                                              • Industrial Embroidery Machine: $145.00 includes oiling all moving parts, Running each needle and
                                                checking for any problems, new needles.

                                              • Scissors: $7.00

            We keep belts, and light bulbs in stock. When bringing in your machine don’t forget your cord and foot control

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  • Ph: 806-368-7805